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Construction week from 27 September to 06 October 2024

We need your support in the next and last summer construction week for this year. We will be building, swimming and drinking coffee together for 10 days!

What you can expect this time:

making firewood (sawing, splitting, stacking), and starting with the core renovation of the KüFa kitchen and guest bathroom, so you can look forward to building walls and tearing down walls, for example.

flinta-only construction sites possible

On the weekend of October 4th to October 6th you can look forward to lectures, workshops and live acts. We'll keep you up to date here!

There's also pizza, a swimming lake, skills sharing and a campfire.

If you're up for organizing a workshop or lecture yourself, please get in touch with us! We're also looking for people who would like to run the KüFa for our construction week.

There are enough places to sleep in guest rooms, parking spaces for cars or tents.

Arrival possible from September 26th. Be sure to register at


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