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Better to have 1000 friends behind you than a bank breathing down your neck

We currently need around €35,000 to complete our main construction phase!

We are renovating the house ourselves for the most part and that is expensive. We have taken out a bank loan for the construction site, but in some places the costs for the construction site are higher than expected. This is partly due to rising prices that we did not take into account in the initial calculation, but also to unforeseen construction sites or newly conceived projects that were not previously planned.

For example, the urgent renovation of the windows is on the table, or the construction tradesmen's meeting will take place here in summer 2025 and a little extra budget is needed for the planned construction sites.

We rely on direct loans so that we don't have to finance ourselves with expensive bank loans. Friends, family and strangers are currently supporting us with direct loans totaling €90,000. They can invest their money with us in solidarity and know what happens to it, and with this support we can transform the house into a place for everyone to live together.

Direct loans are sums of money that are lent directly to our project by private individuals or organizations - without going through a bank. Every direct loan supports the expansion of our project and enables us to further develop our cultural and social offerings without any profit interests. In doing so, you are actively helping to ensure that housing is permanently removed from the market based purely on profit and competition. Among other things, this means that we are securing affordable housing in the long term and preventing the basic need for a roof over one's head from being secondary to a company's profit. We do not speculate with housing, but provide it at affordable prices. You can also stop by at any time to see what your money is doing.

​If you are interested in supporting us with a direct loan, please contact us.
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Asset Investment Act

In accordance with the Asset Investment Act (VermAnlG), we offer various asset investments with Alternatives Wohn- und Kulturprojekt Solijanka GmbH, which consist of accepting subordinated loans with different interest rates. The investment volume per interest rate is either no more than 100,000 euros within 12 months or no more than 20 shares. There is therefore no obligation to produce a prospectus according to the Asset Investment Act. We cannot guarantee customary bank securities. Direct loans do not have to be repaid immediately if this jeopardizes the solvency of the project. In the event of insolvency, the claims of the non-subordinated creditors must first be serviced and then the direct lenders.

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